Acing NTSE with the Help of Our Scholars and Experts

Acing NTSE with the Help of Our Scholars and Experts

2020/12/16 at 6:45 PM

Acing NTSE with the Help of Our Scholars and Experts

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is one of the most prestigious examinations at the school level in India. The amount of respect that is associated with acing this exam is unimaginable. The NTSE exam is knocking at our doorsteps already and today we will help you learn some superb hacks and strategies to ace the exam in an amazing way. So here we go!

What and for What to Study?

NCERT is the most important material to be studied and prepared for the exam. According to Jotiraditya Gupta, Rajasthan NTSE Topper, 2019, “NCERT is the Bible of the NTSE exam and after you have completed that, only then go to you state board curriculum for reference books as they also hold a good amount of weight in the paper” Many students get dubious due to the board exams overhead which makes them skeptical about taking this paper. But the truth is NTSE exams are equal to the Board exams with an addition to the school syllabus of the latter. If you are studying for the NTSE exams then you are simultaneously preparing for your board exams as well.

Eliminating options. The difficulty level of the question depends on the options as well. Subject Expert, Soham D’Souza gives the tip for employing the Elimination option to save time as well as increase your efficiency to solve MCQs quickly and cleverly. For instance, before you start solving the question you must look for options that can be eliminated through the help of the knowledge of theories and facts that you already know. This way you will have lesser options to choose from making it easier for you to look through the question. Work smart not hard.

Approximation and Substitution: Prof. Vipin Joshy who has a high record of producing the highest NTSE selection in India, suggests this tool to arrive at the right answer in less time. Rather than calculating the whole answer, the approximation method can help you find the answer faster. The NTSE examiners do not check the student’s rough work. For Maths problems, if you find that the given options are well spaced in the number line then try to do away with complex decimal numbers by substituting them with rounded off whole numbers. Whole numbers are easy to work with. Now find the closest option to the product you have got by solving. Kudos! You have got the answer.

Time management: Just as it is said, “Time, Tide and NTSE wait for no one” Technically, you have just one minute per question to be solved throughout the paper. So, it is advised to solve the easy question first and then go on to the difficult ones. Do not waste time on a question that is consuming more than the required time for every question. If you think so then skip that question or else you will miss out on the ones you could have solved easily. Do not spend time on questions you have no clue about. In the SAT section, start with the theoretical questions of Social Science and Science and then go to the Maths section. By that time your brain and hands will adapt to each other’s speed so that you can go faster.

Last Minute: Remember to mark the OMR sheet correctly. Use a ballpoint end with free-flowing ink and a thick tip to answer the sheet. Avoid any sort of marking errors. It is advised that you simultaneously mark the answers along with every question so that you do not panic at the end.

“Social Science is the most important subject of the SAT section of the question paper and no section of any chapter should be left untouched,” says Komal Gupta, Rajasthan NTSE Topper, 2018. Revise your basic Math and Science formulae and theories before the exam. The speed of solving the paper lies on only practice which can be done by solving previous year’s NTSE papers of your particular state under the time constraints and analyzing the paper well. Revise all the Squares of One to Twenty and Cubes till Ten.

Success and failures are not defined by marks but the environment and mental peace you prepare with so try to avoid a circle that gives you negative vibes. And most importantly, be calm, stay confident with enough preparation, and then victory will be yours.

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