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Commerce For Classes 11th And 12th – Why Study Commerce, Subjects And More

2021/04/02 at 10:23 AM

Commerce For Classes 11th And 12th – Why Study Commerce, Subjects And More

Commerce As A Stream

Commerce is a fundamental stream of education in India. The field of commerce deals with the exchange of service and goods from a producer to the final consumer. While pursuing higher education, commerce is one of the most known streams along with Science and Arts. The study of Commerce helps students gain knowledge of fiscal policies, industrial policies, business trade, and fluctuations in the market, and so on. The main subjects taught in this stream are Economics, Accountancy, and Business Studies.

Why Study Commerce after Class 10th?

Some of the important factors that attract students to take up Commerce are listed below –

The multiple career opportunities that Commerce as a stream provides attract students to study this subject. If you are good at analyzing, numbers and have a keen interest in Economics and Finance, pursuing a career in Commerce stream will suit you.

For example, the Commerce stream opens doors to various professional courses after class 12th like Teaching, Chartered Accountancy (CA), Cost and Management Accountant (CMA), Company Secretary (CS), and more.

The study of Commerce has an important role in today’s business environment. The course will help you give a direction for your business and strategies to achieve the same.

Keep reading further as it will help you identify whether the subject taught in Commerce will gauge your interest or not!

List of Subjects

To get a fair idea of what studying commerce in Class 11th and 12th looks like, here is a list of subjects as outlined in the CBSE syllabus. The important subjects that are taught under Commerce stream comprise Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, English, Mathematics Standard or Applied (Optional). There are few other optional subjects available with the Commerce stream (Computer Science, Psychology, Physical Education). You are required to choose 1 or 2 optional subjects based upon the policy of your school. We recommend you choose Commerce as a stream of education if you are genuinely interested in these subjects.

Business Studies

Business Studies is an important subject for students who plan to study Commerce. It is a vast subject that would include marketing, finance, accountancy, operation management, structure, and functioning. It gives students not just the sense of how a business should be operated but also prepares them for corporate life.


In simple terms, by studying economics you will learn why the world works in a certain way. Economics has two broad branches – microeconomics, the branch of economics that deals with the behavior of individuals and firms while macroeconomics deals with the decision-making of an economy as a whole. Economics will help you learn to demand, supply, business systems, production concepts, and related concepts. It will help you acquire knowledge about the impact that government policies have on the employment and economy as a whole, the impact of international trade, and so on.


Accountancy is an integral part of your syllabus. The field of accountancy involves the measurement, processing, and financial communication of any business or organization. The study of class 11th – 12th Accountancy will help you understand the basic accounting concepts. You will get to know the various reasons for the successes and failures of business enterprise, thus enhancing your critical thinking skills. Accounting process, computer in accounting, financial statement analysis is a few of the key topics that will be included in your syllabus.


The subject of Mathematics will include topics like Algebra, Mathematical Reasoning, statistics, Probability, Linear Programming, and Calculus. Mathematics is an integral part of Commerce and if you include this as your optional subject, you will stand eligible for a variety of courses and career options like Chartered Accountancy, MBA, and Finance. With the basic knowledge of these topics, you will be easily able to understand concepts in CAT. Therefore, you must opt for Mathematics as your optional subject if you are serious about pursuing a career in Commerce.

11th Grade is a key milestone for the students because it builds the foundation for their board exams in the next year. Therefore, all major coaching institutes in Mayur Vihar such as TSRCC not just provide CBSE classroom coaching but also make sure to arrange study materials, test and discussion sessions, and so on for the students. The idea is to prepare them well for the schools as well as board exams.

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