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Covid Academic Support Or Back To School

2020/10/29 at 8:36 PM

Covid Academic Support Or Back To School

The nationwide imposition of lockdown as a result of the outspread of Covid-19 has led to the acquisition of digital tools in several fields, along with education. Universities, schools, colleges have shifted towards e-learning to continue the undisturbed flow of information in spite of this current situation which is predicted to extend looking at the increasing range of Corona virus cases in several parts of the country. In this fight against the pandemic what cannot suffer is education and knowledge circulation.

The discussion on moving towards digital technologies for educational purposes has been going on for some time now. But what was a discussion has now turned into a reality, owing to the Corona breakdown in the world. It has now become a planned action pattern, and a wave of digital transformation has positively struck the educational sector of the industry.

Learning Should Not Stop:

In these times it is very important that education should not be compromised or suffer at any cost, else it may lead to serious implications on our mental well-being and growth. Here, it is very important to understand that e-learning is not just a platform for education from distance, but it also means going for new and interesting digital tools to make learning more interesting.

While the students are forced to stay indoors and cannot go to school, the school can always come to them via e-learning platforms like Google Meet itself which uses Collaborative Learning management systems to make education simple and interactive. In the experience of this brutal pandemic, the education sector is amongst the few domains, which are on the path of being positively transformed. By the time this pandemic will end, we also have a chance to get better of all the problems we face and cons related to the traditional and unorganized form of schooling.

Bridging The Learning Gap

The digital India campaign launched by the Government of India will now serve as the foundation for bridging the learning gap that exists at the moment. Collaborative-LMS makes the offline to digital transition easier for the administrations as they are merely going to manage their institutes the way they usually manage on traditional schooling days. The users can arrange yearly course structures, conduct virtual classes, send notices, and timetables at the press of a button, and easily will get an ideal view of the overall performance of the institute.

Virtual classes and online tools can be used on these online platforms so that they can allow the school staff to develop a connection between the teachers and students as close as in a classroom environment. These tools also can aid in organizing teachers and parent meetings, staff/management meetings, and may save both time and price while providing the required interactivity.

This is a period of transformation despite the harsh times and the education industry is on the edge of being completely adjusting for good. There is no looking back from here. The benefits of adopting E-Learning services these days can have an awfully positive and powerful impact on our future.

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