Commerce Education In India – Objective, Importance, Future Trends And Opportunities

Commerce Education In India – Objective, Importance, Future Trends And Opportunities

2021/04/02 at 10:40 AM

Commerce Education In India – Objective, Importance, Future Trends And Opportunities

Commerce is one of the oldest branches of the Indian education system. It is an important education stream along with Humanities and Science. The field of commerce is considered as the foundation of many streams of education such as management, insurance, finance, business law in India. The study of commerce imparts in-depth knowledge of business and trains people in its different functional areas. In the recent world, the growing phenomenon of globalization has increased which has resulted in the increasing importance of Commerce education in India.

Meaning Of Commerce Education

Commerce Education is that area of education that imparts knowledge and skills for the handling of the Trade and Commerce industry. In short, it is business education and studying this prepares students for a career in business and finance. While pursuing a course in Commerce, one acquires in-depth knowledge of fiscal policies, business trade, basics of economics, industrial policies, etc. It is first chosen by students at the intermediate level i.e after class 10th.

Subjects Studied In Commerce Education

Students opting Commerce after Class 10th need to study the following subjects as outlined by CBSE Syllabus:

The important/compulsory subjects under Commerce stream are:

• Business Studies
• Economics
• Accountancy
• English

There are a few other optional subjects that include: (One needs to choose 1 or 2 optional subjects along with the main ones as per their policy of the school)

• Mathematics
• Physical Education
• Computer Science
• Psychology

Importance Of Commerce Education

Commerce education is considered the backbone of the business development of the nation. It has been developed to support the growing manpower needs of business houses. The study of commerce is very useful for the students as it equips student’s knowledge about the different functional areas of the industry. They learn about the different forms of business organization and how a business is operated on a small or a large scale, what are the essential elements to start a new business, and so on.

As we all know, skilled manpower is essential for the growth of any business. Commerce education has an important role to play in today’s ever-changing business environment. With the rapidly increasing globalization and advancement of new technologies, organizations are facing numerous challenges. As a result, the demand for Commerce education increases, and the top business executives need to upskill themselves at the same time.

Future Trends And Opportunities

Commerce indeed opens numerous opportunities to students in India. Students who have opted for Commerce as their field of study can pursue their professions in any of the mentioned courses – B. Com, Chartered Accountancy, Journalism and Mass Communication, Bachelors Of Economics, and so on. A Commerce graduate student has ample opportunities in both private as well as Government sectors. According to research, the number of e-commerce students in India will rise to over 100 million in the next few years which will in turn create more job opportunities and career scope in the field of Commerce.

So, opting for Commerce as your subject after Class 10th is the baby step you take to advance or explore the career opportunities in this field. Also, 11th Grade is an important milestone for the students because it builds the foundation for a successful career. Therefore, it is very important to sign up for a good coaching class in Delhi. One such great option is The Shri Ram Coaching Classes situated in Mayur Vihar. They have a wide array of experienced faculty who not only about WordPressovide classroom teaching but also make sure to arrange for tests and doubt clearing sessions with the students.

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