Tips to Boost Your Concentration for IIT Preparation in Pandemic

Tips to Boost Your Concentration for IIT Preparation in Pandemic

2020/07/30 at 6:12 AM

Tips to Boost Your Concentration for IIT Preparation in Pandemic

No one could ever imagine that the whole world would be shaken up by a virus. At this time, when most of us are home bound with our families, our lifestyles have changed a lot. Before the pandemic, studying was much easier as you could sneak out to the library, sit awhile in a coffee shop, or meet your friends for a group study. Now, you have to study at home all by yourself and handle your IIT exam preparations in this pandemic.

Here are some tips on how you can boost your concentration for IIT exam preparation in pandemic and adjust to the new normal.

  1. Create a Study Space for You

Our online IIT certification tutors suggest that many students just study on their couch or on their beds and then find it hard to concentrate. Well, it is because their environment is way too relaxed that they feel like sleeping. Therefore, set aside your study table in a place that is well-lit. Try avoiding studying on the bed.

Keep all your study supplies such as books, notebooks, notes, pens, papers, pencils, and highlighters with you on or near your desk so that you do not have to get up every time you need anything. Keep your study space clean and organized. Put up some quotes on the wall so as to create a motivating learning environment for you.

  1. Meditate Regularly

At this time, when our minds are ready to wander here and there, it is crucial to relax ourselves a little. Meditation is a great way to do that. It will make you feel stress-free and reduce your worries. It will help boost your concentration levels also. While you are studying most of the time in IIT training online programs, meditating for a while will give rest to your eyes as well.

  1. Take Breaks While Studying

Breaks are really necessary while studying at a stretch. Science suggests that students should study in small chunks of 30 minutes and take a 5-minute break thereafter. However, you can set up your study time and break time in a way that suits you. Just make sure you are not sitting at a place for more than an hour. Get up in between and take a walk around the house. Talk to your family members. Taking breaks will help you concentrate better on your studies without getting distracted.

  1. Sleep on Time and Take Enough Rest

Since you are always at home these days, your routine might turn upside down a little. You might want to keep up a few hours late with your family enjoying board games or would like to watch a tv series before you sleep. But, all of this can affect your sleep cycle. You would sleep late and hence would wake up late and it would affect your study routine. So make sure you sleep on time, wake up on time, and carry on with your studies effectively every day.

  1. Set Goals for Yourself

If you want to enhance your concentration for IIT exam preparation, you need to set goals for yourself. Goals give you an agenda for the day. So every day when you wake up, you will have something on your to-do list. You would know that you had a productive day once you tick-off your entire to-do list. You can create a dedicated study schedule for yourself.

  1. Eat Healthily

A healthy body makes a healthy brain. Therefore, you must ensure that you are eating right while being at home. It is always easy to have cookies, pasta, and burgers. However, eating too much sugar or cheese can make you feel sleepy and lethargic. While if you munch on some nuts or eat the seasonal fruits, you would feel energized and healthy. If you are unable to go out for grocery shopping that much, you must try to eat homemade meals only instead of chips and soda. That would also be a great help.


Having a hard time in your IIT exam preparation? The Shri Ram Coaching Classes is always there for you. Their team of IIT tutors and IIT online coaching classes can be your savior at such crucial times. They can help you enhance your concentration and create a study schedule at home that will help you achieve the perfect IIT score no matter what. The pandemic is real. The fear it has brought with it is real. But, at the same time, the hope and value of life it has taught us are also real. So without doubting yourself, start your IIT preparation right now by following these 7 tips to boost your concentration.


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